Whether you are new to coding or are looking to improve your skills, we have opportunities for you!

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Our Teams

Client Project

Our client teams allow those with more experience to work on industry-facing projects and build on their software development foundations.

What you'll do:

  • Master new tech stacks by working on projects, such as data science, full-stack development, and back-end infrastructure.
  • Work side by side with engineers at top companies, learning industry workflows and practices.
  • Get a chance to receive feedback and constantly iterate on your work.

Mentored Project

Our mentored team provides the opportunity for those with no prior software engineering experience to learn the skills needed to take on industry-facing projects.

What you'll do:

  • Learn good coding practices and build your own personal website from scratch.
  • Design, develop, and deliver a full-stack web application for a nonprofit client.
  • Learn modern frameworks and technologies like React, Node, and GraphQL.


Client Projects

Our client teams work with industry partners to build products ranging from full stack web development to machine learning.

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Full-Stack Web

Aurora Solar develops innovative technology solutions for the solar industry, allowing solar to scale faster and businesses to streamline their entire solar project lifecycle. We will be rebuilding their customer admin portal to streamline workflows and enhance security.

Back End

Addepar is a leading wealth management platform for family offices, registered investment advisors, private banks and large financial institutions specializing in data aggregation, analytics and performance reporting. This semester we will be developing a cloud-based search engine API to assist with finding relevant financial data.

Distributed Tracing

At Ginger, we believe that everyone deserves access to incredible mental healthcare. The Ginger app provides members with access to unlimited self-guided care and 24/7 on-demand coaching, as well as video-based therapy and psychiatry support. Codebase will be partnering with Ginger to instrument their services with distributed request tracing for improved observability.

Full-Stack Web

Lead water pipes pose a significant public health risk, but in many cities, the locations of these pipes have been lost to history. BlueConduit uses data science and machine learning to help prioritize the correct locations for service line replacement. We will be developing a new onboarding application for decision makers to upload and visualize their data to help BlueConduit scale its impact.

Mentored Project

Our mentored team focuses on learning the essentials of software development and simultaneously develops an full-stack web application for a non-profit organization.

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Full-Stack Web

The Berkeley Project hosts UC Berkeley’s largest volunteering event every semester, giving students the opportunity to give back to the community and the city of Berkeley at large. We'll create a new website, internal databases, and matching algorithms for BP.

Development Timeline

Here’s a breakdown of how our projects are run every semester.

Past Projects

Every semester we take on five new projects with high growth tech companies. Here are some of our past projects!

Data Science

PatientPop offers an all-in-one web platform for medical clinics and practices to manage and scale their operations. We worked with PatientPop to develop models and automate the process of generating digital registration from paper medical forms.


DataStax provides massively scalable, highly available, cloud-native NoSQL databases for businesses. We created an automated database service for DataStax Apollo that migrates data from existing Cassandra databases to a new Apollo copy.

Full Stack Web

Middesk is a VC-backed startup that provides the data infrastructure for scalable, frictionless business verification. We worked with Middesk to build a web application for companies to onboard into Middesk's business verification system.


Atlassian provides an arsenal of productivity tools, including Trello, Jira, and Bitbucket, that powers 125,000 companies worldwide. We built an analyzer for Atlassian's decision logs on their authorization and authentication policies.