This Semester's Projects
Every semester we work on a variety of exciting projects. Check out what we have this semester!
Web Application
Beam is a fintech company making an improved banking system. We will be making an internal administrative platform to visualize and analyze Beam product data.
Machine Learning
Polymorph is an ad-tech company that sells an ad-serving suite for publishers. We’re using data analytics and machine learning to improve ad pricing decisions.
App Development
Propel(x) is an angel investing platform focused on funding early stage companies that are built around a groundbreaking scientific discovery. We’re building their initial mobile app to help connect investors to startup teams.
App Development
Mentored project members will be learning the basics of software engineering and web application development through building an internship information app, similar to Glassdoor, for the club.
Past Projects
Code is our craft - we’ve built many projects helping companies across many industries. See some of our recent partnerships below
  • App Development & Web Backend
    ResultCare is developing a data platform for medical professionals. We upgraded their mobile apps with new designs integrating social network features with their backend.
  • Data Analytics
    Riffyn creates collaborative software for biotech and chemical industries. We developed data analytics and visualization software for Riffyn’s users.
  • Chatbot & Backend
    VisuMenu is a search engine for automated phone menus. We provided a backend implementation for UC Berkeley’s phone systems and building a Facebook chatbot for users to interact with the menus.
  • Cloud Computing
    YiTuuX is creating AI-driven healthcare solutions. We built backend solutions to help YiTuux scale and manage the deployment of their diabetes detection algorithm.
  • App Development
    Mentored project members will learn the basics of software engineering and web application development through building an admissions management app for the club.
  • Api Development
    We developed a chatbot that applies NLP algorithms to choose which engineers are the right fit for a software development project.
  • IOT
    Ongo is a startup that creates mobile learning experiences for health and fitness experts. We integrated Ongo's platform with Amazon Echo, Fitbit, and Withings devices.
  • App Development
    We built a cross-platform mobile application for monitoring and maintaining pool chemistry, integrating with Sutro's ready-made device.
  • App Development
    With Upstream, we performed end-to-end design and development of a website to match cancer patients with clinical trials.
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