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This Semester's Projects
Each semester, our Client Teams work with industry partners to build products ranging from full stack web development to machine learning. Meanwhile, our Mentored Team focuses on learning the essentials of software development and simultaneously develops an internal tool for CodeBase or a non-profit organization.
Client Projects
Full Stack Web is a business payment company that automates, streamlines, and controls the payment process, managing over 3 million clients and $70 billion annually. We will be building a full-stack web application to aid the bill payment process for
Mixpanel is a user analytics and engagement solution that helps businesses innovate faster with data. We will be building a Golang integrations library and framework for Mixpanel.
Data Visualization
Postman is an API collaboration platform that includes a comprehensive set of tools to support every stage of the API development life-cycle. We will be using Postman's new data visualization feature to create various visual representations of API responses.
Storr is a peer-to-peer marketplace where people make money instead of traditional ecommerce channels, empowering people to sell and share products with their friends. We will be building a social recommendation feature for Storr.
Mentored Project
Full Stack Web
EthiCAL is a student-run initiative that designs and sells ethically made apparel while donating all proceeds to help disadvantaged entrepreneurs grow. We will be building an all-in-one web portal to manage EthiCAL's sales, inventory, and communications.
Past Projects
Full Stack Web
Pantheon is a web development hosting platform for Drupal and WordPress sites, serving over 200,000 websites. We will be building a standalone web application to integrate GitHub and Jira capabilities into Pantheon’s core features.
Full Stack Web
Netskope is a cloud security company that monitors cloud transactions for companies like Airbnb and Nvidia. We will be building a standalone web application to perform data analysis on security logs and make them easier to understand.
Atlassian provides an arsenal of productivity tools, including Trello, Jira, and Bitbucket, that power 125,000 companies worldwide. We will be implementing rate limiting algorithms to help protect Atlassian’s microservices against DoS attacks.
Full Stack Web
For Spring 2019, Mentored Project is working with Cal Hacks to create a full-stack web application that will function as a judging portal for collegiate hackathons.
Distributed Systems
HackerRank is a technical hiring platform that helps businesses evaluate software developers by skill. We will be implementing a real-time pair-programming plugin for the Eclipse Che IDE, which is used by HackerRank in their remote live interviewing service.
Full Stack Web
Zymergen is a biology x AI platform that enables researchers and scientists to navigate the genomic search space. We will build infrastructure to convert DNA specifications to a self-designed json format and visualize the plasmid architectures contained in those specifications.
Full Stack Web
BetterCloud is a SaaS management platform. We will be working with BetterCloud to integrate their service into a cloud computing platform.
Machine Learning
Aptiv creates software and sensing systems for self-driving cars. We will be developing models to learn the state of the driver and its environment.
Machine Learning
Zumper is a full-service home rental platform. We will be building models for spam classification and creating a web application to display and interact with the results.
Full Stack Web
We will be creating a student tracking tool for teachers at Ygnacio Valley High School to effectively measure and monitor student data.
Web Application
Beam is a fintech company making an improved online banking system offering 2-4% APY. We built a web administration dashboard with TypeScript and React on the frontend and GraphQL on the backend.
Mobile App Development
Propel(x) is an angel investing platform focused on funding early stage companies that are built around a groundbreaking scientific discovery. We built a cross-platform mobile app written in React Native that allows investors to easily browse and follow startups they're interested in.
Machine Learning
Polymorph is an ad-tech company that sells an ad-serving suite for publishers. We used previous ad request data to model and train various machine learning models, in order to predict CTR, the probability an ad is actually clicked given that it is loaded on a user’s page.
Machine Learning
Polymorph is an ad-tech company that sells an ad-serving suite for publishers. We researched, implemented, and evaluated several algorithms for setting dynamic price floors to lift publisher revenue, given ad auction data with static reserve prices in effect.
Web Application
We built a web application that allows CodeBase members to log in with their slack accounts and view or post reviews, ratings, and interviews for companies.
Chatbot and Backend
VisuMenu is a search engine for automated phone menus. We provided a backend implementation for UC Berkeley’s phone systems and building a Facebook chatbot for users to interact with the menus.
API and Mobile Development
ResultCare is developing a data platform for medical professionals. We implemented social features on Resultcare's backend and native Android application.
Machine Learning
Riffyn creates collaborative software for biotech and chemical industries. We developed data analytics and visualization software for Riffyn’s users.
Cloud Computing
YiTuuX is creating AI-driven healthcare solutions. We created a queueing system on AWS that received jobs from users and split up processor load across multiple instances.
Web Application
We created an internal web application for CodeBase to use when reviewing club applications.
Internet of Things
Ongo is a startup that creates mobile learning experiences for health and fitness experts. We integrated Ongo's platform with the Amazon Echo, Fitbit, and Withings devices.
App Development
We built a cross-platform mobile application for monitoring and maintaining pool chemistry, integrating with Sutro's ready-made device.
Chatbot and API Development
We developed a chatbot that applies NLP algorithms to choose which engineers are the right fit for a software development project.
App Development
With Upstream, we performed end-to-end design and development of a website to match cancer patients with clinical trials.
Project Structure
Both our Client and Mentored Projects follow a similar development timeline over the course of a semester. Here's a rough weekly breakdown of what they might look like.
Week 0 - Planning
Each project team consists of 6-8 Project Developers and 2 Project Managers. These PMs serve as the main point of contact between the team and the client. Before the semester even begins, PMs already have met with clients and extensively discussed project goals, technical scope, and deliverable requirements.
Week 1 - Formation
Project Developers are matched onto their semester projects. They meet their PMs and fellow developers, get to know each other, and dive into the development process.

Week 6 - Mid-Semester Deliverable
Around the halfway point, our teams head over to our Client offices and present an MVP deliverable of the final product. We recap progress so far, outline the next steps, and graciously accept any constructive feedback.

Week 12 - Final Deliverable
Right before finals week, our Projects wrap up with a second, final visit to the Client offices. We present a final, polished version of our product along with the necessary documentation and tooling for our Clients to take full ownership of the product moving forward.
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