About Us

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Our Mission
CodeBase is a software development club on campus that aims to bridge the gap between academic and practical technical knowledge. We mentor passionate, driven individuals and connect them with meaningful industry initiatives.
Base Behaviors
Our Base Behaviors aim to embody the cultural identity of CodeBase. Consistently and actively making choices that support the ideals below is essential to fostering the collaborative and inclusive community CodeBase represents.
Put people first
Build meaningful, lasting relationships with each other
Actively take ownership
Strive to take initiative and trust your peers to do the same
Seek continuous growth
Remain curious and approach problems with an open mind
Communicate candidly
Speak openly and honestly and offer constructive feedback
Genuinely give back
Believe in the potential of every individual, invest in others
Executive Team
Young Guo
Cynthia Wang
VP of Projects
Sahana Srinivasan
VP of Projects
George Zhang
VP of Professional Development
Julia Luo
VP of Professional Development
Cody Zeng
VP of Internal
Ellen Luo
VP of Internal
Jonathan Fung
VP of Operations
Cindy Yuan
VP of Marketing
Project Managers
Anjana Srinivas
PM - Aptiv
Skyler Ruesga
PM - Aptiv
Felicia Lin
PM - Bettercloud
Justin Lu
PM - Bettercloud
Forest Hu
PM - Zymergen
Jihan Yin
PM - Zymergen
Amitav Baruah
PM - Zumper
Hans Zheng
PM - Zumper
Bradley Chee
PM - Mentored
Parth Shah
PM - Mentored
Project Developers
Aditya Srivastava
Boris Yue
Daniel Grimshaw
Edric Xiang
Elise Xu
Emma Chiu
Erica Kong
Ishan Vachhani
Jaemin Kim
Kush Khanolkar
Mary Xu
Matt Jeng
Nagaganesh Jaladanki
Nilay Khatore
Olivia Shiah
Pratibha Sriram
Raymond Guo
Raymond Xu
Sarah Hammond
Selina Feng
Simarjeev Singh
Sophia Lau
Steven Tsay
Trevor Aquino
William Zhou
Abhishyant Khare
Andrew Chan
Project Manager
Brian DeLeonardis
Project Manager
Brian Levis
Project Manager
Ivon Liu
Project Manager
Kavita Vijayan
VP of Marketing
Kush Rastogi
VP of Projects
Lang Tran
VP of Internal
Pal Makkar
VP of Professional Development
Raghav Anand
Project Manager
Saurav Kadavath
Project Manager
Sorjo Banerjee
VP of Internal
Tim Foster
VP of Finance
Beyond CodeBase
Our members and alumni have continued their success through internships and full-time employment across a variety of industries.