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Codebase is a UC Berkeley student organization that builds software projects for high growth tech companies.

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We are a community of developers that empowers students to break into the software industry. We grow together through hands-on technical projects and strive to provide all students with resources to bridge the gap between academic and practical knowledge.

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Make new friends

Find a community by going to retreats, dinners, karaoke, day trips, and more. You'll become part of a tight-knit group of friends with diverse interests.

Learn on a project team

You'll hit the ground running by learning new programming skills, receiving mentorship from industry engineers, and contributing to a real product for real users.

Engage with industry professionals

Go on company tours, attend small dinners with industry leaders, and organize workshops for the UC Berkeley community.

Gain leadership experience

Take on new roles and gain invaluable leadership experience by becoming a project manager or a vice president and giving back to our community.

Interact with community

Volunteer together with our partner nonprofit, other student organizations, and the local Berkeley community.


Fall 2023 projects will be announced soon. In the meantime, take a look at last semester's projects!

Client Projects

Our client teams work with industry partners to build products ranging from full stack web development to machine learning.

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Recidiviz is a data platform that develops tools for people in all areas of the criminal justice system (corrections officers, policymakers, judges, and more). Our project focused on building a web tool for policymakers and prosecutors to easily calculate time served in prison (based on original sentence, offense, etc.) and visualize sentencing outcomes.


Etsy is an e-commerce platform that allows users to sell and purchase a wide variety of handcrafted and vintage items. For our project, our team accomplished a proof-of-concept of certain portions of Etsy's Image Upload pipeline in order to better understand how a future, re-architected efficient/optimized pipeline might be built on Etsy's new service platform.

Full Stack

Astics is a hospitality tech startup that partners with hotels to streamline their check in processes. Our team worked on a full stack project where we used Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to link their Aavgo portal with different Property Management Systems (PMS) used by hotels.

Mobile Development

Sprinter Health addresses the technological gaps and barriers for access to diagnostics at scale. Our team migrated Sprinter Health's Sprinter app, which was used by their clinicians to get instructions and information from android to iOS. In the end, our changes were directly tested with real clinicians.

Mentored Project

Our mentored team focuses on learning the essentials of software development and simultaneously develops an full-stack web application for a non-profit organization.

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We are looking for companies and non-profits with exciting projects to work with. If you have a project for us, please reach out!

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We are looking for students who have a hunger for learning and a passion for tech. Interested? Join our team!

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