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What We Do
We build exceptional technical solutions for businesses collaboratively in a way that brings our mix of disciplines, people, and technology together to tackle challenges on any scale. Our results-driven process gets right to the point: we promise to deliver a tangible, testable product within 3 months. Learn more about the key services we provide:
App Development
API Development
Product Prototyping
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Who We Are
We are a community of hackers, designers, and inventors at Cal, brought together by our love of building and solving problems through code.
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This Semester's Projects
Each semester CodeBase works in teams of 8-9 to build a project for 3 months. Check out this semester's projects below.
Web Application
Beam is a fintech company making an improved banking system. We will be making an internal administrative platform to visualize and analyze Beam product data.
Machine Learning
Polymorph is an ad-tech company that sells an ad-serving suite for publishers. We’re using data analytics and machine learning to improve ad pricing decisions.
App Development
Propel(x) is an angel investing platform focused on funding early stage companies that are built around a groundbreaking scientific discovery. We’re building their initial mobile app to help connect investors to startup teams.
App Development
Mentored project members will be learning the basics of software engineering and web application development through building an internship information app, similar to Glassdoor, for the club.
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